• New G603 Granite Quarry

  • New G603 Granite Quarry

  • New G603 Granite Quarry

  • New G603 Granite Quarry

Macheng, Hubei, is located in the junction of Er-Yu-Wan, middle section of the southern foot of Dabieshan moutain, and also shall be counted as the center of the grand triangle economic zone of Wuhan, Zhenzhou, Hefei.  The convenient shipping of Yangluo deepwater wharf in Yangtze river with the land transportation of “Three vertical lines and three transverse lines” of Macheng, which contributes to the unique traffic location of Macheng, provides a fast and convenient transportation for the granite in Macheng.
     Macheng granite has eight incomparable advantages: Large reserves; Centralized product area; Multiple varieties; No burial; Good integrality; High output rate; Less color aberration; And easy exploitation.The granite is regarded as the main variety,  including 18 varieties, such as Macheng white, Macheng grey, China Juparana, colorized granite and so on, among which the Macheng White and China Juparena are main representatives. Macheng white mining area is located in the Baiya mountain, southeast of downtown, covering an area of over 60 square kilometers. Its mineral reserves are 25 billion cubic meters, which is able to be exploited for one hundred  years.
     with good quality, had enhanced the support on the stone material industry, strove to develop  deep processing industry, created a modern integrated area of processing stone, and brought in and promoted the giant trade market of stone, which increased the diversification and rate of  comprehensive utilization of resources of stone, built Macheng into the largest center of mining, processing, and circulating of stone in the central region of China, made stone become the pillar industry of Macheng, and further improved the visibility of the brand “Hometown of Chinese granite”.


Baiguo Stone Industrial Zone Macheng Hubei Province PRC 438300





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