What we do for natural stone maintenance?2016-12-14

What we do for natural stone maintenance?Nowadays, as the household decoration requirements are getting higher,the natural stone has beenwidely used as the adornment forwindowsill,floor,walls,steps,bathroom countertop,vanitytop and so on, granite is basically used for kitchen countertops, tiles cut to size, pavers, steps and marble is applied for windowsill, high end and residential. Now that the natural stone plays an important role in decoration, so how to maintain it?The following are some tips for it.All stones are sensitive to acid and alkali. Contacting with acid and alkali, the granite will turn yellow and the marble surface will be corroded. Meanwhile, the alkali also flakes off the crystal of the granite, thus making the stone lose luster on the surface. Therefore, we should use the neutral PH cleaning agent to clean the stone, hence we can simply use mild soap and water for the daily cleaning of the granite. Long-term coverage of carpets and debris on the surface of stone is not allowed and we should maintain the stone surface breathable enough, otherwise the stone quality will be reduced thanks to the heavy moisture and the increased water content. If the carpets and debris are placed on the stone, we better move them now and again.We also need to keep the environment ventilated and dry, because the high ambient humidity will cause hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of the stone, thereby resulting in water spots, albefaction, weathering, denudation, rust and othMore>>

A jade quarry with the reserve of more than millions of tons was discovered in Shaanxi China, economic value of which was estimated to be up to over 100 million RMB.2016-11-12

Recently, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Land and Resources Department has found a jade quarryof good quality for the first time in Shangluo, and quarrytypes of resource reservedhas been adjusted from 91 to 92 species after confirmation.In October 20, an introduction from the Investigation Office of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Land and Resources Department told, after the investigation of some relevant experts, the jade quarrywas found within a region of several square kilometers in Luonan County, Shangluo, Shaanxi Province, a region of more than 100 square kilometers which has the same geological background of mineralizationconditions is to be investigated,andthe estimated original stone reserve of jade quarrywill be up to millions of tons, potential economic value of which will be more than 100 billion RMB. The prospect is positive and the exploration is still ongoing at present.We have learnt thatthis jade quarryconsists of high quality quartz jade quarryand dolomite jade quarry. With high-density structure, bright color and especially diverse styles of the distribution of purple and green which has not been seen ever before at home or abroad, a well market is believed to More>>

Will marble or granite cause cancer? Better check the knowledge below first!2016-12-5

Will marble cause cancer? Better check the knowledge belowfirst!Someone recently moved into a new homewith marble on the floor.At this time, a friend told him that marble contains radioactive carcinogensand that made himfell worried.Nowhere comes the question:Is this view right? And what should we do then?Indeed, there are certain radioactive substances in marble. As a matter of fact, not only marble, all existing substances including soil, air, waterand the human body, etc. contain certain radioactive material. Because marble, granite, etc. all are from the substantial natural,so containing radioactive material is absolute and normal for them.Willmarble, granite etc. doany harm to the human bodyor not? In fact,only radiation value is maintained for five consecutive years in 20msv (cents sifter) will it result in greater damage in human body, while the risk of inducing cancer is a few hundred thousandth with radiation value increases. Radiation value of marble, granite etc. is low, which can not lead to deterministic effects in the short term. Even if radiation value of marble, granite etc. is at a exceeding level, it is still in a low dose irradiation,which is almost impossible to lead to infertility, nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer. So the radiation damage of marble and granite produced by qualified manufacturers in accordance with national standards is not greater than that of other home decorate material.Report by RORY WU Professional Sales Representative@MACHENG More >>


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